We take this very seriously:
it is our culture that makes us who we are. We all share the same values, the same view of the business, the family and the ethics.

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It´s all about people

Services are not provided by companies. They are provided by people. We hire talented professionals who are committed to our values and enjoy working for international clients. Our staff of architects, engineers, designers, artists and software engineers have one thing in common: PASSION FOR WHAT THEY DO

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Perth Airport Departures

Khalifa University

Spruce Peak Resort

Fleet Stills + Animations

Skyacht One


Jul 14

Highlights from Autodesk University

Lucrecia Cocucci, our BIM Stratega, attended to Autodesk UNiversity 2013 in Las Vegas.

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Ago 27

ISO Certification: Quality Assurance

Martin Amengual and Laura Belluzzo share insights on how our upcoming ISO Certification is a client centric initiative designed to enhance the quality...

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Sep 22

Growing in international talent

50% of our staff, completed the Project Management Course given by the PMI, which translates directly into quality delivery.

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