We are builders of the construction digital prototype®

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We are an AEC Project Delivery Partner. We blend with the entire team to coordinate the digital prototype and ensure all pieces work together. We foster the application of technology in the design/delivery process ranging from VR immersive experience to BIM intelligent models and cloud-based project management platforms. We are the foundation for a leaner process, one where the walls between the parties no longer exist.

Why Partner with CorbisStudio

    A combination of face to face work with offsite team at our strategic locations.

    Communication is king: a solid Kick Off meeting is the foundation for successful delivery.

    We follow your standards and deliver as if done in-house.

    Our Project Manager will follow the project from start to finish.

    PMI-based, ISO 9001:2015 certified protocols to provide consistent service and project outcome.






Our vision is to deliver
superior value in the construction process
to maximize the impact of the
intelligetn building models in every day's life.




We combine our expertise in
arcitecture, engineering, software and
art whith our passion for technology to
bring the unbuilt design to life.



Our team of architects, engineers and technologists is the center of a carefully orchestrated process.
Together we deliver project that will impact the lives of millions.


What our clients say about us

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Ethan Grey Ahlberg

Studio T-Square

Overall experience is that Corbis is very professional, detail oriented, and thorough. They are also flexible in dealing with our schedule. We would not hesitate to recommend Corbis to other firms and look forward to working with them again.

Donald R. Schieferecke


Would recommend you 10/10 and was extremely happy with your work. You are my go to choice especially if deadlines are tight. Communication was easy and friendly. The entire experience was stress free and a pleasure.

Andy Wallace

DLR Group

I think the Corbis staff is very willing to jump in and get tasks done and that is greatly appreciated. They are all very friendly and easy to get along with. Their skill level is right where I would expect it to be.

Matt Marek


Graphite’s MOD Pizza account would not be as successful without the continued support and participation of the Corbis team. In October we reached a special milestone on the account in opening our 50th store! We continue to struggle with expectations and quality of deliverables as work flow fluxuates from week to week. Our weekly video calls are helpful in reviewing schedules for the next two weeks and quickly reviewing general items. With these video calls, the Corbis team has become more comfortable reaching out to the Graphite team with queries more frequently, which has helped to avoid costly delays or the need to rework deliverables. Juan and I have discussed putting together some training documents to help as we need to bring new staff on to the team, but neither of us have had time to do this since we discussed it in August.

Amy Keil


There are always smiles on your faces! The professionalism of the team as a whole was incredible. The RMPI project was not an easy one and it was a very stressful one with a lot of unknowns. No matter that, our weekly calls with Corbis were full of knowledgeable conversations and very friendly faces. Ana Laura in our office was an incredible help to keep the information flow between OZ and Corbis. Her quick attention to details allowed this process to be much smoother. She has a great work ethic and would handle all of the changes that would come in and quickly relay they to Magda and team. We are really fortunate to have had her here in the OZ office and she has been such an asset.
Magda and team did a great job on the model . This model was very intricate, in that it had many different floor levels and connecting corridors roofing conditions and we had no as builts originally, so were constantly having to update the model along the way. The team made sure the model was clean and the view set up was perfect. The Revit expertise is apparent and now that I am in the model making some revisions for the contract administration phase, I really appreciate the knowledge and proper set up that Corbis put into this. The team hit all of our deadlines, even thought they were very tight and information incoming from the client seemed to be a little slow, they always produced and performed internal QA/QC even when we didn’t have a chance to. The extra steps and proactive thinking helped make this project better.


Brilliant people, sophisticated protocols and flawless execution: that’s our recipe for success. Contact us to learn how we can use it to create the best solutions for your architecture, engineering, arts, graphics and software design needs.